WATCH: Ahead of pancake day - My Crepe's tips for making the perfect pancake

The secret to the perfect pancake? It’s all in the spread of the batter.

That’s according to pancake pro Heeae Kim, who co-owns My Crepe, a delightful cafe tucked away in the bottom corner of Halifax Borough Market.

My Crepe, Halifax.

My Crepe, Halifax.

“It’s a skill,” she says, “you have to learn to spread the pancake evenly.

"It took me three months to master how to do it and of course you have to put the right ingredients in the batter.

"Some people make pancakes that are too sweet or tasteless, we’ve got a number of ingredients in our dough that our customers seem to enjoy.”

A South Korean national, Heeae, 44, has run the cafe for just over a year with her sister, 36-year-old Choomi.

My Crepe, Halifax.

My Crepe, Halifax.

Heeae followed her Shelf-raised husband to West Yorkshire having met him while studying in Australia and now lives in Northowram.

Choomi moved here for her studies and runs a successful design business alongside her commitments in the market.

My Crepe is the first business the sister act have run together and Heeae has taken great pride in what they have built with just a modest redundancy package and a small business grant.

“There was no other place in Halifax doing this sort of thing and we thought there was a gap in the market. We go to festivals and go out to school days and do local community events, too.”

Alongside your traditional sugar and lemon fare, they specialise in a number of quirkier savoury pancakes.

“My favourite is the chicken fajita pancake,” Heeae said, “I like to put extra hot chillies in it but we can’t do that for most English palettes!”

My Crepe is expecting a huge take up on Pancake Day, next Tuesday, and plans a special offer to mark the occasion, with some of their favourite pancakes cut to just £2.50.

“It was so busy last year and we’re looking forward to this year, too.”

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