WATCH: "It's been like Christmas!" The Orielles speak at the playback of their debut album

Indie in-things The Orielles said that waiting for their debut album release was "like the longest wait for Christmas ever" at the record's playback this afternoon.

The Halifax trio spoke to The Courier after signing copies of Silver Dollar Moment, which was released this week to warm critical acclaim, for fans at The Grayston Unity.

The Orielles (Credit: Neelam)

The Orielles (Credit: Neelam)

Michael Ainsworth, owner of the pub and a music promoter in his own right, said that the album blew him away:

"The album is stunning. They've been brought up in houses listening to lots of different types of music and you can hear loads of different influences.

"They've got their own sound and that's so unique.

"The fact that they're so young, 19 and 20, it's incredible. It's such a mature album in terms of diversity and different influences.

"It's the best debut I've heard for many, many years."