WATCH: New initiative proves to be a hit with kids

A Halifax group has set up a new initiative to help children grow in confidence and learn new skills.

KidSKool is run by Sanskriti Halifax, a non-profit community organisation aimed at encouraging talent within the community. The aim of the programme is to introduce children to corporate skills such as presenting and team work as well as bring them out of their comfort zone in a fun way.

The children took part in a number of team activities

The children took part in a number of team activities

Praveen Betha, Chair of Sanskriti Halifax, said: “In our last workshop, children gave presentations to a group on their favourite topic by creating a slide pack on their own. We also did a few exercises to make children understand how important it is to clearly communicate.

“These exercises not only build their confidence but improve public speaking skills.”

There were 15 children at the first workshop and now there are 40 with the hope it will continue to grow.

Praveen said: “We are very grateful to Calderdale for their support which enabled us to achieve what we aimed for and we hope that they continue to support us.”