Water load of river rubbish!

Halifax Canoe Club and Calder Future clean up the River Calder at Sowerby Bridge.
Halifax Canoe Club and Calder Future clean up the River Calder at Sowerby Bridge.

A MASSIVE haul of rubbish was fished from Sowerby Bridge’s waterways during a community clean-up.

Over 20 volunteers took to the River Calder around County Bridge and the River Ryburn near Water Street to tidy up the banks and remove tyres, traffic cones and other trash.

Gavin Roberts, volunteer co-ordinator at Calder Future, which holds the event three times a year, said it had been productive.

“Because of the high waters over winter, at the first clean-up of the year we always get quite a bit of rubbish,” he said.

“But luckily we got a lot fewer tyres than last winter. I think the message is getting out there.”

The appearance of the area and the local wildlife both benefit from the volunteers’ efforts, he said.

“The area that we clean up on the Calder is very visible in Sowerby Bridge. A lot of people see it and people see the benefits.

“It makes it a lot better for wildlife as well. Once we clean up we notice wild plants like wild garlic growing there doing better.

“You get a lot of nesting birds there too and some of the water fowl like to use that area as well.”

The clean-up was a joint effort between Calder Future and Halifax Canoe Club, which is based on the River Calder in Sowerby Bridge.

Roger Blanchard, access and environment officer at the club, said: “We are a responsible club, and being part and parcel of the Sowerby Bridge area we want to do our bit for the environment and community here.”

The day was also an chance for club members to put up the course for this weekend’s slalom competition. Races will take place from 10.30am on Saturday and Sunday.