‘We feel proud that Kris has been honoured’

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This year’s remembrance weekend will be a special one for the family of fallen Calderdale soldier Corporal Kris O’Neill.

Kris was killed in Basra in 2007, when an armoured vehicle he was travelling in was hit by a roadside bomb.

Now, Kris’ life will be commemorated when a plaque with his name is added to the war memorial at St. Peter’s Church, Sowerby, on Sunday.

Kris’ brother, Michael said: “It will be a really special day for the family.

“I think we will feel really proud of Kris and really proud that he’s been honoured. We marked Remembrance Day even before Kris was killed, but ever since then its been even more poignant.

“It’s a time to think not just about what we have lost, but what other people have lost too.”

Kris’ children Adam and Connor will be in attendance at the ceremony and Michael extended his thanks to the church for their help in adding Kris’ name to the memorial.

“It’s the church where Kris is buried and its really nice that his name will be added.”