We found God...and left the BNP

New church regulars: Queensbury independent councillors Lynda and Paul Cromie
New church regulars: Queensbury independent councillors Lynda and Paul Cromie

TWO councillors have found God and quit their ties with the British National Party.

Husband and wife team Paul and Lynda Cromie now serve as independents for the Queensbury ward on Bradford Council.

Mr Cromie told the Courier their lives had been transformed and they felt much calmer after accepting God.

The couple started attending church services a few years ago and gradually got more involved in the Christian faith and are now preparing to be confirmed.

They are regulars at Holy Trinity Church of England and West End Methodist Church, Queensbury.

He said their link to the BNP was never racially motivated and he now believes it was a path laid down for them by God.

“We have accepted Jesus as part of our lives and have asked Sue Shrine (Priest-in-Charge at Holy Trinity) if we can be confirmed and she has agreed,” said Mr Cromie.

“Lynda and I have never had political views. We have been committed to the Queensbury community.”

He said they stood as BNP councillors after its leader Nick Griffin was prevented from speaking on TV which wasn’t in the best interest of democracy, and they didn’t want to join one of the main political parties.

Mr Cromie said many people had asked the couple to serve as independents previously but, through God, they only recently believed the time was right.

“I do not know the reason for it,” he said.

“I firmly believe the path we are upon is not chosen by us.”

Mr and Mrs Cromie said they will continue to serve the community as before, but without any political ties, and they had not fallen out with the BNP and the parting was amicable.

The Rev Sue Shrine said the couple had been welcomed into the church community.

“Paul and Lynda have made a commitment to Christ and are regular attenders of Holy Trinity,” she said.

“It has been really encouraging to see their faith grow and to see what a difference it has evidently made to their lives.

“As they grow in understanding of the bible and prayer, I look forward to accompanying them on their journey.”