We’ll give royal wedding a miss

HUNDREDS of people are expected to attend a “Not The Royal Wedding Party” in Hebden Bridge.

The town’s Trades Club has organised an alternative street party to coincide with the big bash.

Manager Janet Oosthuysen said: “The celebration we are planning is not anti-royalist although the vast majority of people here are probably republicans.

“We have permission to close Holme Street off. There will be tables all down the middle and bunting hung up, although they won’t be Union Jacks, and there will be a stage, where musicians will play.

“We are expecting hundreds of people. The outdoor party will run from noon to 7pm, at which point we will all move inside the Trades Club.”

Ms Oosthuysen, 49, said the club had been planning the event ever since tomorrow was designated a public holiday.

“We have had posters printed up, which are a rip-off of a famous Sex Pistols poster,” she said.

“Without getting into the politics of it all, we really do wish everyone who is getting married on that day well. We plan to have a good time too.”

The Calderdale and Kirklees Student Assembly is also holding a “Not the Royal Wedding Party” from noon at Market Square, Huddersfield.

Spokesman Thomas Walpole said the Sex Pistols controversial track God Save The Queen will be headlining the music playlist and speakers campaigning against Government cuts will address the audience.

Mr Walpole said it was difficult to justify spending more than £60 million on pomp and ceremony instead of on key areas such as education, health and keeping streets safe.

“This party is an attempt from the people to express their discontent in the way our tax money is being frittered away,” he said.