We miss you so much Lisa - a year after losing her, Lisa Saville’s family tell of their heartache

Lisa Saville
Lisa Saville

LISA Saville’s family have spoken for the first time of their devastation and heartbreak as they prepare to mark a year since they lost their cherished “baby girl”.

The much-loved 19-year-old from Halifax died on March 4 after she fell from a moving taxi in City Lane, Wheatley.

She was incredibly popular, and over 1,100 went to pay their respects at her funeral.

Her mum Debbie said: “It’s hard to put into words how much I love and miss Lisa. You would have to met her to understand what we have lost.

“My heart is broken and I feel completely lost without her. I feel part of me left with her.

“The pain doesn’t get any easier with time. I’ve just learnt to hide my feelings more to avoid hurting others. No parent should have to go through this heartbreak.

“Losing my son prematurely 23 years ago was painful enough but having watched your child grow up into a beautiful young woman – only to have her taken away from you – is tearing me apart,

“I block a lot of what has happened out and still can not accept it. I’m still waiting for Lisa to come home.

“Lisa’s little sisters Sophie and Chloe miss their big sister so much. Seeing them hurting and not being able to help them is heartbreaking,

“I live this pain every single day I have to look into my other daughters’ eyes and see their pain.

“I am proud I was Lisa’s mum and I am honoured to have such a kind, caring and as beautiful on the inside as she was on the outside daughter. Lisa was my little baby boo, Thank you Lisa for being my baby girl.

“I’m just so glad that I have such an amazing close family and group of friends, who have supported us and been there for us.”

Lisa’s dad David said his daughter’s death has transformed his life.

“I know it is only 12 months since our tragic loss but I believe it has changed everything in my life. It’s very hard letting my other children grow up now. I do have to accept the fact they need to but I worry so much if they go out.

“I’m always following them and going to the clubs where they are or I’m also calling them on their phones. They know how I’m hurting because now they are ringing me early in morning just to tell me they are ok.

“Lisa had hundreds and hundreds of friends who I see almost every weekend. Not one day goes by while I’m working where someone comes up and we reminisce about the good times they had with Lisa and it’s hard. I’m trying to work as door supervisor, how can I possibly do this when I’m running off to my car crying tears for Lisa?

“I know how Deb feels every day. She’s managing her grieving through Lisa’s Facebook comments and songs and statements - this must be helping her with her thoughts .

“When I feel down I listen to my song for Lisa, One Last Love Song. It bring my emotions out making me feel better for a while.”

Lisa’s parents have thanked the police family liaison officer who has been helping them since her death and the police and paramedics who tried to help Lisa.

Lisa’s grandmother Betty Hambrey said the young woman “lit up the room ever time she walked in”.

“I watched Lisa grow up into a beautiful kind-hearted young lady, If I ever felt a bit down, it was Lisa who cheered me up with her soft cheerful voice, it brightened up my day.

“Lisa had her whole life and future to look forward to. She was a great inspiration and friend to everyone who knew her. Living without Lisa is so difficult and heartbreaking.

“A year on and I’m still expecting Lisa to walk through the door and give us all a big smile and hug which always meant so much to me. I will never ever forget Lisa, and I just hope we will be together again one day.”

Lisa’s boyfriend, Dom Flynn, said he will never get over losing her.

“Not a day goes by that I don’t think of her,” he said. “I’ve struggled so much and if it wasn’t for the support from my family and close friends I don’t know how I would of coped.

“Thank you to everyone who was there for us.”