‘We thought a bomb had landed in garden’

Mum Kathryn Imeson with twins Jack and Lottie McStrafick, three.
Mum Kathryn Imeson with twins Jack and Lottie McStrafick, three.

THIS family thought bombs had landed when a wall came crashing down at the side of their home.

The landslip at Bentley Royd Close in Sowerby Bridge has blocked three-year-old twins Jack and Lottie’s cycle track and left some of their toys buried under stone and soil.

Their mum Kathryn Imeson said she was in the living room with the twins when they heard a huge noise.

“I know it sounds dramatic but we thought we were getting bombed,” she said.

When she looked outside, she could see the wall had totally collapsed.

Her 14-year-old son’s BMX is submerged underneath, as is her best friend’s daughter’s bike.

Luckily the new bikes that the twins were given for Christmas were in the shed or else they could have been buried too.

“Fortunately it’s been raining so they haven’t been asking to play out,” said Kathryn.

“They use that area to run their bikes.”

A structural engineer from Calderdale Council has been out to check the site is safe but Kathryn and her partner Stephen McStrafick, who usually sleep in the bedroom next to where the wall has collapsed, have been sleeping in the living room since the collapse.

The electricity board has also arranged for the electricity pole above the family’s garden that also moved with the landslip to be cut down to stop it toppling on their home.