We will fight for our town square, say councillors

Phil Hawdon at the proposed new town square in Sowerby Bridge.
Phil Hawdon at the proposed new town square in Sowerby Bridge.

Sowerby Bridge councillors say they will fight for a town square next to the Moorings, after plans for a GP’s surgery were rejected.

Councillor Adam Wilkinson said: “The land is an important part of Sowerby Bridge’s heritage and it remains a tourist attraction.

“The council would like to work with Sowerby Bridge Fire and Water, and the community as a whole, to create an open space for public use.”

The Old Causey land was put up for sale by the council, and a local GP surgery put in an application for a new health centre.

However, the surgery’s plans were met with massive objection from the community. An online petition against the plans received more than 400 signatures, and almost 90 objections were submitted to the council.

The council has now withdrawn the land from the sale list. Coun Wilkinson said: “I am delighted by the decision not to go ahead with the sale of this land. Ward councillors have been opposing the sale on a cross party basis.

“This was never the right site for the proposed health centre.”

Sowerby Bridge Fire and Water put in a counter application to have the land transferred to them, to use as a town square.

However, this was also rejected by the council, as councillors felt the plans were under developed.

Phil Hawdon, of Sowerby Bridge Fire and Water, said: “Although the bid for an asset transfer was rejected, the fact that councillors support our idea is a victory.

“This is absolutely wonderful news and a great credit to all who supported the Fire and Water campaign for the town square.”