Flood warnings latest: Residents urged to act now as flood sirens sound in Calderdale

Calderdale residents have been urged to follow their flood plans as more warnings are in place due to heavy rainfall across the borough.

By Abigail Kellett
Sunday, 20th February 2022, 5:13 pm
Updated Sunday, 20th February 2022, 5:14 pm

A number of flood warnings have been in place throughout today (Sunday) at Walsden Water at Walsden, Hebble Brook at Halifax, Hebden Beck in Hebden Bridge and River Calder at Brearley and Luddenden Foot.

New warnings have now been issued for Todmorden and residents have been urged to action their flood plans.

Calderdale Council tweeted: "A flood warning has been issued for Central Todmorden and from the Cricket Ground to the Railway Bridge. This means that flooding is expected so please act now and follow your flood plan. Move important items to safety and turn off gas, water and electricity if safe to do so."

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High river levels in Mytholmroyd and Brearley in Calderdale. Picture from video by Scott Patient.

The sirens have been sounded in Todmorden.

Flooding is expected for properties and businesses in central Todmorden from the Library to Commercial Street including Halifax Road and Sackville Street.

Flooding is also expected for Todmorden Cricket Ground to the Railway Bridge south of Burnley Road including Queen Street and Back Ridge Street.

A flood alert is in place for the Lower River Calder catchment.

Brighouse has been affected by the heavy rainfall with flooding along the A643 by ROKT climbing gym.

The Covid-19 testing centre at Daisy Street car park is closed due to flooding.

The Old Mill on Wakefield Road in Brighouse has reported it has closed early due to its cellar being flooded.

In Mytholmroyd the footpath on one side of the bridge in New Road has been closed due to damage from a vehicle.

Community Safety Wardens are continuing to monitor sites at Walsden, Brearley at Luddenden Foot and Hebble Brook where river levels continue to be high.

They have also undertaken visual audits in Elland, West Vale and Hebble Brook. The river is high but again has not breached. In West Vale there is water on the field but this is a flood plain and it has not breached any further.