Tornado in Todmorden

Billy Fletcher's picture of the Todmorden tornado
Billy Fletcher's picture of the Todmorden tornado

Flood ravaged Todmorden had another brush with danger last night when a mini-Tornado appeared in the clouds.

This image was captured on film by Billy Fletcher and is slightly edited in colour.

“It lasted about five minutes,” he said.

“It grew in size and velocity, then slowly faded.”

But, problems are not over yet as weather forecasters predict more rain and possible flooding over the weekend.

Prince Charles visited the Upper Calder Valley today to inspect the recent flood damage and was given a warm - and wet - welcome.

Weather forecasters say heavy rain will continue to fall and people should prepare for more flooding.

And householdes are urged to check on vulnerable neighbours and council and Environment Agency staff are out monitoring the situation.

Calderdale Council advises moving valuable items to upper floors where possible.

Mark Thompson, head of housing and environment, said: “We are working with communities to prepare to meet the worst of the weather, should it happen.”

The Council has a limited supply of sandbags, which it will be placing at strategic locations to minimise the effects of run-off water from the roads.

Gully wagons are continuing to check/clear gullies at “hot-spots” throughout the borough.

Schools within the upper valley have been notified of the potential risk and to put their plans in place.

People who need to contact the Council can do so on 0845 245 6000.

Click here to see a video of the tornado over Todmorden, filmed by Robert Pickering of Todmorden