Website for bumps and babies

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Motherhood has inspired a Halifax woman to launch a new website for other new parents across the area.

Online magazine Little Feet – - covers pregnancy, babies and toddlers in Calderdale and Kirklees.

The site features news, a comprehensive directory of groups and classes for pregnancy, babies and tots, a list of businesses of interest to parents and parents-to-be, useful contacts and a guide of events.

It has been created by former Courier journalist Sarah Fitton, 32, (pictured) who became a mum last year to Katie who is now 10-months-old.

She started Little Feet after struggling to find out about local baby and toddler groups.

“Like many mums, I was keen to attend baby groups and classes in my area but often found it difficult to find out where and when they were held,” she said.

“Little Feet aims to offer up-to-date details of classes and groups across the area on one site, as well as articles I hope will be interesting to parents and parents-to-be.

“When I was pregnant I realised just how much there is going on in Calderdale and Kirklees for new parents and people who are about to become parents. ”

Stories already online include an interview with Cragg Vale burlesque artist Heidi Bang Tidy about the benefits of burlesque to improving new mums’ confidence, information from Brighouse doula Lisa Sykes on how to have a positive birthing experience, and a Halifax dad’s account of the weeks leading up to his daughter’s birth.

For more information visit or follow @newlittlefeet.