Weekend snowfall brought road delays... and sledging!

Ryan Hadfield and Toby Steele give the sledge a run at Mill Bank after overnight snow in Calderdale
Ryan Hadfield and Toby Steele give the sledge a run at Mill Bank after overnight snow in Calderdale

CALDERDALE became a winter wonderland as the white stuff came down across the region.

Snowballs flew, sledges whizzed and a few snowmen popped up as families made the most of the wintery weather.

Forecasters had predicted as much as six inches of snow this weekend across the country but Calderdale survived relatively unscathed with just a few inches covering roads and pavements.

Snow started to fall in Halifax around lunchtime on Saturday and spread throughout Calderdale throughout the afternoon.

But the larger flakes didn’t begin to fall until teatime in Brighouse and Elland.

There was still enough of a down pour to make driving conditions difficult as the heavy showers set in with delays on Burnley Road and Pellon Lane.

Bus journeys were affected as vehicles slowed down in the blizzards but the trains ran fairly well.

Most of the snow had stopped by 9pm but another dusting overnight made conditions tricky.

Sunday brought sunshine across the borough and with it perfect sledging conditions and for the less adventurous a chance to perfect their snowman bulding.

In parks across Calderdale youths were out in force making the most of it.

Temperatures reached 4C and much of the snow on roads turned to slush but the Highways Agency were still warning about slippy driving conditions.

The week ahead looks better with no further snow forecast for our area but there is a chance of frost making driving difficult on the remaining snow and slush.

A Highways spokesperson said: “When you’re on the road, pay attention to the changing road, traffic and weather conditions.

“Be ready to slow down and take more care if you need to, particularly on bends and exposed roads.

“Don’t be lulled into a false sense of security – even if you drive every day on the same stretch of road.”

Temperatures will remain quite chilly with highs of around 5C although it should remain dry until the end of the week.

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