What a load of rubbish

A FAMILY who have watched the rubbish pile up outside their house for more than a month say enough is enough.

The Goodall family have more than 11 bin bags and all their recycling piled up behind their home at Dodgeholme Road, Mixenden, Halifax. Their wheelie bin is also full.

Dad-of-three Mark said they have called Calderdale Council four times in the last week to ask when their rubbish will be collected.

"They keep turning round and saying we'll be there the next working day. They've told me that four times now.

"The back of our house is full."

Mum Paula said she is fed up with the mess. They had to take their waste to their local tip as the Christmas wrapping and extra waste was also piling up.

"I'm really angry. It's different all down the street, some people have got their recycling taken, others haven't.

"It's infuriating, especially having three young kids," she said.

After being contacted by the Courier, Calderdale Council apologised to the family and said their rubbish should have been collected earlier.

A spokesperson said: "We are really sorry that we missed collections and we're insuring that the bins are removed as soon as possible."

After their rubbish had been collected Mrs Goodall said: "It's great, but it should have been done weeks ago."

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