What a month!

Social networking and micro-blogging website Twitter is the latest online phenomena. Suddenly, it seems, the whole world is tweeting - including the Courier. Halifax marketing consultant and Twitter fanatic Rachel McAlley gives us a peek into a tweeter's world in her regular blog...

They say 'what a difference a day makes', well for me what a difference a month makes. Not only have we had Christmas which was a great feat in itself, but we've also struggled through the deep winter snows of December and come out of the other end with some stories to tell, especially on Twitter.

So, I totally got stuck in Brussels whilst doing some Christmas shopping in mid-December (Christmas week to be honest) all because of the snow, I queued and queued for 6 hours to catch the Eurostar, then arrived in London where the snow had taken over and there were no trains up north, so Eurostar very kindly put me and 'the handsome one' up in a lovely hotel for the night, only to find that the following day Kings Cross weren't running trains to Leeds or anywhere in fact due to a line coming down at Peterborough, so what a few days that was, made it home in time just for Christmas, phew!

Twitter is till one of my favourite places to share news, vent my anger, chat with old friends and ex-colleagues and it proved to be a welcome relief for me throughout the past month. So, yes we've done crimbo and New Year but my past 4-weeks have proved just bonkers, even by my standards. Firstly I announced to family and friends (and on social networking sites Facebook and Twitter) that I'm pregnant with my first bambino, and I'm very nervous indeed, then I realised that 'the handsome one' and myself needed to find a new house, and this wasn't a simple task whatsoever. We eventually found a beautiful little cottage in North Yorkshire and moved in early January, although I'm still trying to find my feet within rural village life. My life currently seems to revolve around boxes, bags, unpacking, moving around and generally being unsettled.

It now takes me 2 hours (100 miles) in rush hour to get from home to Harveys of Halifax, which is one of my Halifax clients, whereas it previously took me 10 minutes (3 miles) so I'm in the throngs of trying to adjust to the new life. Tired is an understatement, but I'll grasp it soon enough, I hope!

One major downfall for a serial facebooker, tweep, and social networking addict like me is that my iPhone doesn't really work in my new house, well it does but only for the phone and texting stuff, and might I add only whilst stood in the bedroom window whilst holding the phone in the air and stood on a chair (not too great when you're preggers), and the worst part is that it doesn't have any internet connection, wireless or way of connecting to my apps………….nightmare nightmare nightmare! I'm hopeful that Orange will help with my broadband problems and have me up and running in no time.

However, aside from all these little hiccups I'm determined to carry on regardless, I don't quite know how I'm going to travel 8 million miles (slight exaggeration) to work, unpack the house before giving birth, make friends in my new village, have a child and still be me, but I'll give it a go someway or another.

Right, gonna have to dash as I need to empty a few more boxes, next doors cockerel needs shutting up, work has to be done, and the housework won't do itself. Tra for now.

Later tweeps. LadyRach