What can we learn from Google’s new logo?

Lee kenny, CEO of Snowflake Media
Lee kenny, CEO of Snowflake Media

Did you notice? Do you care?

After 17 years, Google just revealed the biggest overhaul to date of its logo and the company will now aim to be recognised by a multi-coloured G.

Why have they made the change?

Their company was launched as a desktop application for search and was lauded for its simplicity, and the absence of outrageous advertising that was seen on Altavista, AOL and other search engines.

These days Google spans email, maps, mobile operating systems (android) and of course, a social media network in Google + (although how long that will remain a priority is still to be seen).

If they are honest they would also admit to a little logo envy when they compared the iconic status of Apple’s apple.

Mobile apps have also driven a demand for sharper, more compact, and recognisable brands, regardless of how and where consumers see it.

Evolution or Revolution

A great brand or logo won’t compensate for a crumby business or product.

Often a new change of management will see a demand for a complete overhaul of the brand. If you are a national or international business, the design and consultancy costs a pretty penny, but also risks distracting management from the business in hand.

Does your brand or logo still reflect your values in today’s market place or does it need updating?

We have some amazing creative talent here in Calderdale that can advise you whether to tweak or completely overhaul your business brand and marketing. What I love about our local agencies is they’ll give it to you straight and won’t simply try and get the most amount of cash out of you.

Be clear why and then communicate that to your customers.

Google did a great job in letting everyone know what the changes symbolised, why they did it and the rationale for the future. They did it in a succinct, contemporary fashion with blog update, articles and, of course, press releases.

You can’t please everyone

Google tested their new concept and logo extensively, however, if you check the message boards you’ll find opinions are divided. However, as Henry Ford famously said before the car revolution: “if I asked people what they wanted, they would have said a faster horse”.

Some people will hate the rebrand, some will worship it. That is a great place to be when launching a new brand. Having people talk about you builds awareness and helps identify and reward those who talk most about your company. Be sure to also engage those dissenters; most companies avoid them like the plague. However if they are intelligently debating (rather than trolling the internet for things to complain about!) then hearing from you will help you acquire a fan for life.

When done right, a brand overhaul can have great results.

Take five minutes to consider how people perceive your brand and marketing. It could have an amazing impact on your future.