What do you do when the beer runs out at the party?

Nick Bannister: here with the beer from 8pm to 6am
Nick Bannister: here with the beer from 8pm to 6am

Party-lovers in Halifax can now order booze straight to their front door after a late- night alcohol delivery service was launched.

The Last Chance Saloon will provide a range of beers, lagers, ciders, wines, spirits, alcopops and tobacco from 8pm until 6am, Thursday to Sunday.

Set up by business partners Nick Bannister, his brother George and their friend Paul Pyzer, the trio believe they can keep the party going all night.

The idea has the backing of the police and council and has now been in operation for three weekends.

“Things have started really well and we’ve seen the number of people ordering rise quite dramatically over the first few weeks which is very encouraging,” said Nick, 23, who lives in Sowerby Bridge.

The company, which has a pub in Cross Street in Halifax, applied to the council for an extended licence which allows them to serve until 6am.

All their drivers have licences to sell and deliver alcohol.

They operate a strict “challenge 25” policy and Nick insists alcohol will not be given to anyone under age.

“People will need to produce I.D. for us to be able to sell them beer just like if you were in a pub,” said Nick.

“If we arrive at a house full of people and none of them have ID then there is something wrong and we won’t serve them.”

Orders can be placed and paid for online, or phoned through, and Nick hopes to be able to complete every delivery within half an hour.

He said: “We’re not the only people in the country doing this but we’re the only ones in Halifax doing it as far as we’re aware.

“We’ll deliver to anywhere with an HX postcode.

“Hopefully if we’re successful we can think about expanding to other areas too.”

There is a £20 minimum order and a £2 delivery charge on every order below £50.