What was happening in December 1988?

Christine Dimbleby with the Christmas card and envelope dated December 8, 1988.
Christine Dimbleby with the Christmas card and envelope dated December 8, 1988.

Christmas has come late for residents at a Halifax care home, after a resident received a lost christmas card 26 years after it was sent.

Keith Johnson, a resident of Hanover House, got a big surprise on June 11 when he went to check the post box after he found a worn out letter addressed to a previous resident.

Just by looking at the state of the letter and the postal stamp dating back to 1988, the former Halifax Delivery Officer knew that the envelope had been lost in the post.

Keith said: “When I got the envelope, I went and showed the ladies and asked them what I should do.

“I knew it was old because of the stamp and the condition it came in. After I cleaned it up, I gave it to Christine.

“It was quite normal for post to get lost when I worked there but they used to send a letter attached explaining why it happened.”

Christine Dimbleby, estate manager at Hanover House, opened the card after Keith brought it to her attention.

She said: “When we opened it, we couldn’t believe that it was a Christmas card.

“I was just amazed that it turned up after all this time.”

The person who the card was addressed to is understood to have moved from the residential home in 2006.

Christine is planning to try track down the family to inform them about the Christmas card.

Royal Mail spokesperson, Jennifer Bird, said: “It is extremely unlikely that this letter has been in our system for such a long period of time.

“It is likely that a member of the public has reposted the letter as we regularly check all our sorting offices and machines are cleared.”