"Where were the gritters?" - Resident anger after Calderdale commute chaos

Denholme commuters come to a standstill as a lorry loses control.
Denholme commuters come to a standstill as a lorry loses control.

Calderdale commuters took to social media on Tuesday evening to express their anger at the state of roads that left many areas in gridlock.

Hundreds of messages were posted across Facebook and Twitter along with photos and videos of backed up traffic.

Photos were also shared of upturned cars and accidents caused by the adverse weather.

Much of the frustration was aimed at Calderdale Council, who sent messages maintaining that their gritting efforts had been thorough but that their efforts had been impeded by traffic.

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A car loses control in snowy Sowerby.

A car loses control in snowy Sowerby.

Among their messages, the council-run @CalderHighways account tweeted: "Today our gritters did the following treatments of the network:- from midnight 8 patrol gritters on high ground, 4am full pre snow treatment of primary and secondary routes, 8am 8 patrol gritters on high ground.

"Our treatments continued with another full pre-snow treatment of the primary and secondary network starting at 12:30pm. Following on from this our full fleet of gritters have continuously treated the network,and will continue to do so throughout the night."

"All gritters are out on the network but are caught up in the traffic, it is therefore taking much longer than usual to treat our routes meaning that sections of roads may be untreated."

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Twitter user @wadsworth_greer tweeted: "A total joke. They should have been out this afternoon....nearer to lunchtime not evening. Took my husband 2 hours to get home with dogs in the car. Should be a 10 min trip. Glad to know council tax is being spent well. Don't bother increasing it this year!"

He was joined by @StephanieXBlack, who said: "A little too late, why wasn’t it done last night- accidents and grid locked traffic is because no grit was on the ground beforehand. Do you not take notice of weather warnings!"

Calderdale Council have said that while snow showers are forecast into the afternoon, their gritters will 'remain out treating the network as long as it is necessary.'

A full council statement is expected this morning.