Why a ghost hunter picked a Todmorden church to search for supernatural activity

Robert Pyke went hunting for ghosts at a Todmorden churchRobert Pyke went hunting for ghosts at a Todmorden church
Robert Pyke went hunting for ghosts at a Todmorden church
A ghosthunter has helped to raise more than £5,000 for good causes by hosting paranormal investigations and donating the profits to charity.

Supernatural investigator Robert Pyke, from Shadwell, decided to put his paranormal expertise to good use and start a charity ghosthunter group last November.

READ: On the trail of the Todmorden UFO night cowsThe idea to set up the Gate Keepers Paranomal group came to the 47-year-old while he was watching Children In Need with his wife, Ann-Marie.

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Nine months and 12 investigations later, the supernatural squad has raised hundreds of pounds for Alzheimer’s Society UK, Children In Need and Cancer Research.

“I’m really proud of how much money we’ve managed to raise for charity through the group,” said Robert.

Robert, who also works for Leeds City Council, first became interested in paranormal activity 10 years ago, when he attended a ghosthunting investigation in Great Yarmouth.

Gate Keepers Paranomal have investigated a whole host of Leeds’ landmarks including Abbey House Museum, to spooky spots further afield, such as Todmorden Unitarian Church, using special equipment to trace and record unusual and unexplainable activity.

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“We don’t fake anything, if guests come and experience something then great but if people come on an investigation and nothing happens that is fine too.

“I would rather they went home disappointed and thought it was rubbish than me and the group faking things.”

Robert’s interest in the paranormal started when he experienced something unexplainable as a child.

“I woke up with what felt like a slap across the face, my cheek felt hot and I started screaming.

“My parents looked but could not find anything.

“It felt real at the time.”

Gate Keepers Paranomal have over 1,000 members on their Facebook group and have raised a total of £5,195 for charity.

To find out more, visit the website here