Window man’s first foreign hol

Liam and Mandy on the booze cruise with Capital FM staff and other competition winners
Liam and Mandy on the booze cruise with Capital FM staff and other competition winners

A man who had never stepped a foot out of Britain made his first trip abroad with his mother after winning a radio competition.

Window cleaner Liam Keys, 31, of Illingworth, was taken to Majorca after his mother entered and won a Capital FM breakfast show competition.

Mandy Green, 50,from Hull, answered the question: Which of these is an island on its own? She guessed right and three days later Mandy and son Liam were on their way to Leeds Bradford aiport; heading for the balearic island for a 24hour holiday.

Liam said: “I was anxious about flying at first but it was brilliant - I’ve got the bug for travelling now.”

Mandy said: “I brought Liam up alone so I couldn’t afford to take him abroad when he was little.

“I thought it would be a good taster before his first foreign family holiday in August.”

Liam has only recently become the owner of his own passport.

During the one-night all expenses paid vacation, the mother and son duo were taken on a booze cruise with Capital FM DJ’s Hirsty, Danny and JoJo, radio staff and 20 other competition winners and their party-partners.

Liam, pictured with the radio crew and other winners, said the picture was taken to humorously wind-up his wife who is known as ‘Twinks’ - one of Hirsty’s Daily Dose breakfast show’s most ardent fans. Liam’s wife Rachel had told the show’s presenters that she wanted no pictures of her husband with bikini clad girls but Capital FM say Hirsty, Danny and JoJo say they had other ideas.

Hirsty said: “It was non-stop fun in the sun and an extra bonus to be able to send Liam on his first ever plane trip and wind up one of our biggest fans.”