Woman dies in crash in Halifax - residents speak of shock and upset

Scene of fatal crash, Boothtown Road / Woodlands Road, Boothtown.
Scene of fatal crash, Boothtown Road / Woodlands Road, Boothtown.

People living near where a woman died yesterday in a car crash have spoken of their shock at the tragedy.

Rochelle Drake, 26 and who works at the Super Suds laundrette opposite where the accident happened, said: “I’m shocked, it’s really sad. I came up at about 5pm and the road was closed.”

Kelly Cochrane, 30, is a full-time mum who lives on Boothtown Road. She said: “I heard the crash and thought my car had blown up - it was that loud.

“I went out to see what was happening and few people had run out of the pub.

“It was unreal and it’s heartbreaking knowing she’d died and left two children behind. I just can’t believe it.”

Christine Tomney, 53, owns DJ’s cafe on Boothtown Road. She said: “It’s awful. I was dropping my friend off on the road above Boothtown Road and saw the ambulance and the flashing lights of the police cars.

“Then when I saw the air ambulance I thought something serious had happened.”

Mark Luders, who lost his nephew Connor Graham when he was hit by a car on Claremount Road in Boothtown in 2006, said people living in the area are very upset.

Connor was two-and-a-half when he was knocked down after leaving the Stepping Stones Nursery.

“People are really angry and upset,” said Mark.

“Something like this really brings things back for people who have lost people in accidents themselves.”