Women injured in out of control dog attack


Two women were injured after they were attacked by a dog that was out of control in public near Shelf.

Police were called to Torre Road after a 62-year-old had been bitten by the out of control dog leaving her with facial injuries.

The incident happened on Saturday morning and her own dog was also attacked.

A 20-year-old woman was also injured by the dog and was treated in hospital.

Police officers attended and found the suspect dog in a garden.

Whilst making attempts to humanely capture the animal, the dog escaped from the garden potentially causing further harm to the public and the decision was taken to destroy it.

Chief Inspector Ian Gayles of Bradford District Police said; “We treat all reports involving dogs behaving in a dangerous manner extremely seriously.

“Officers attending the incident made the difficult decision to destroy the animal in the interests of wider public safety after the dog had already caused injury to two people. Enquiries are continuing to trace the owner.”