Women leaps from car to intercept bolting horse from Halifax crash

Emergency services at the scene of the accident.
Emergency services at the scene of the accident.

A woman has spoken of how she and her daughter abandoned their car on the Halifax flyover to stop a bolting horse.

Rebecca Clarke was driving home to Bradford from doing some shopping in Halifax with her daughter when she saw the injured horse galloping along Burdock Way earlier today.

With no thought for their own safety, the pair jumped out of the car and grabbed the horse's reins to stop it from reaching Orange Street Roundabout.

The horse is understood to have been hurt when a cart it was pulling broke near the flyover.

Mrs Clarke, who has several horses, said: "It sounds like something on the cart cracked and the horse got spooked.

"I just left my car in the middle of the road. We were trying to keep her from hurting someone else."

Unfortunately, the horse's injury was too severe and she had to be put down.

"She was only about three years old," said Mrs Clarke. "She was a shire horse.

"There was nothing that anyone could do. We kept hold of her and kept her calm, and we stayed with her until they took her away."

Two men from the cart were taken to hospital.

Police were alerted at 11.35am and Burdock Way was closed in one direction from Godley Road to the Orange Street Roundabout while officers dealt with the accident.