Workers hurt in 350 accidents last year

ACCIDENTS in the workplace caused close to 350 employees to be badly injured last year.

The Health and Safety Executive received reports of 92 workers suffering major injuries in 2010/11.

A further 257 incidents caused injuries or ill health that meant staff had to take three or more days off from work to recover.

Accident rates have dropped by nine per cent in Calderdale since 2009/10, when they caused 100 major injuries and 284 three-day injuries. There were no deaths here in either year.

Elsewhere in Yorkshire, 24 people lost their lives as a result of workplace accidents - one more than last year.

Five of the tragedies happened in West Yorkshire - two in Bradford, two in Wakefield and one in Leeds.

There were 2,609 major injuries in Yorkshire compared with 2,741 in 2009/10.

Another 8,854 workers suffered three-day injuries or ill health, down from 9,309 the previous year.

Nationally, the number of workplace fatalities rose by 16 per cent, from 147 to 171.

High-risk industries include construction, which had 50 deaths last year, agriculture with 34, and waste and recycling with nine.

Together they made up more than half of all workplace deaths.

Bosses at HSE are urging employers to make workers’ safety their top priority for 2012.

Paul Spurrier, head of operations in Yorkshire, said: “The families of 24 workers in our region who lost their lives last year had to face Christmas and New Year without them.

“While there was a welcome fall in the number of major and other injuries in Yorkshire, there were still hundreds of workers who have had their lives changed forever by a major injury.

“These statistics highlight why we need good health and safety in British workplaces. We still have one of the lowest rates of workplace deaths in Europe, but one death is still one too many.”