Workers’ lose parking spaces to travellers

Travellers at North Bridge
Travellers at North Bridge

DOZENS of workers have lost their car parking spaces after travellers set up camp at North Bridge Leisure Centre.

And, they are not happy that parking enforcement officers turn a blind eye to the illegal parking.

The visitors take up dozens of spaces and many more are now left empty as their arrival has put off some drivers from parking there.

Calderdale Council has told callers that it is putting “wheels in motion” to clear the site.

But, that is not good enough for those inconvenienced.

Craig Urquhart, works at Dean Clough and many people who work there pay several pounds a day to park at North Bridge.

“I’ve been told the wheels are in motion but our argument is why are there no parking tickets on the vehicles,” he said.

Mr Urquhart said he understood concerns over intimidation but it is a pay and display car park and that is a valid reason to ticket. And, he said parking enforcement officers could normally be seen at 5 pm telling people they need to buy a parking ticket if they are just picking someone up. Mr Urquhart said the council had told its regular patrons they can park further away.

“But, if we are paying £4 or £5 a day we don’t want to walk as well.”

And, a woman told the Courier a driver was recently ticketed for returning seven minutes late.

Calderdale Council has failed to answer repeated requests from the Courier for an official explanation on what it is doing regarding the travellers on its land.