World-renowned digital art exhibition comes to Eureka!

Interacting with Multiple by Genetic Moo
Interacting with Multiple by Genetic Moo

A digital art exhibition is to spend six months at Eureka! The National Children's Museum - showing young people how art can be brought to life in exciting new ways.

The Lumen Prize for Digital Art - which has staged more than 40 shows in 13 countries - arrives with Fusion: Adventures in Digital Art in June.

It will be hosted in Eureka!'s Spark gallery and replaces the Toronto Film Festival’s digiPlaySpace exhibition, which was seen by more than 250,000 visitors to Eureka! and contributed to the museum’s busiest year in two decades.

Carla Rapoport, Director of the Lumen Prize, said: "The Lumen Prize celebrates the very best digital art created by artists around the world.

"Our goal is to focus the world’s attention on this exciting genre in all its forms, through an annual competition to select artworks that then go on to be exhibited in events and exhibitions around the world.

"We are delighted to be working with Eureka! to bring Fusion to life.

"Every year Lumen is reaching more artists and institutions to connect with a wide variety of audiences.

"Raising the understanding and awareness of digital art is integral to what Lumen does.

"We want to create memorable experiences that make conversations happen and foster community interaction. We are hoping to inspire the next generation of artists to look differently at the technology that they use in their everyday life."

Fusion will feature 14 works by 10 international artists, who were each finalists or winners of the competition during the past six years; five are based in the UK, two each from France and the US, and one from Germany. All are being brought together for the very first time.

Digital art is a term used to describe art that is made or presented using digital technology and includes interactive pieces so viewers can get involved and change the form or appearance.

Leigh-Anne Stradeski, Eureka! Chief Executive, added: "We are privileged and proud that The Lumen Prize for Digital Art has chosen Eureka! as its home for the next six months and can't wait for our visitors to see it, interact with it, enjoy it and go home inspired.

"Art takes lots of forms and many of our younger visitors and their families may never have visited a traditional gallery or thought it was for them.

"At Eureka! we love to show how things can be done differently in the 21st century.

"We hope having an installation packed full of interactive digital art will inspire and excite visitors as to what can be possible using technology, rather than simply through methods such as paintings and pencils."