Yobs scarper at the sound of Beethoven!

Halifax bus station
Halifax bus station
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COMPOSERS from the 18th century have come to the rescue of transport bosses who have spent years trying to rid bus stations of yobs.

Classical music will soon be playing at Calderdale bus stations after successful trials found the likes of Mozart, Handel, Beethoven and Bach sent the undesirables running.

And, passengers have remarked favourably on the “soothing atmosphere” while waiting for buses.

A Metro spokesman said people had taken to classical music positively during trials in Huddersfield.

“They like music playing in the background and classical music seems to stop youths congregating,” he said.

“And, we want people to come to bus stations to catch buses.

“Our customers will soon be experiencing the magic of Mozart and beat of Beethoven in all our bus stations following the successful trial.”

The use of classical music to combat anti-social behaviour is gaining ground.

The Kingsgate shopping centre in Huddersfield already uses it to stop groups of people loitering by the entrance and London Underground has been running a pilot project.

Psychologists believe youngsters use music as a badge of identification and being linked to classical music isn’t cool so they move off.

Metro’s plans to introduce the music across its West Yorkshire bus stations has got the Courier’s Twitter followers thinking.

Rastrick resident Adrian Hartshorn said: “What’s on today at my bus stop - Tchaikovsky’s Nutcracker or Rachmaninoff’s Prelude or CMBC Four Piece Chamber Recital.”

Tom McArthur hoped Metro avoided Beethoven’s “Ode to Joy” featured in the 1971 film A Clockwork Orange.

“We don’t want the droogs to go for a bit of ultra-violence,” he said.

PS: Brighouse Bus Station is deserted - Des O’Connor is playing on the tannoy!!