Yorkshire firms to give staff extra hol

I do: William and Kate will get the day off but will you?
I do: William and Kate will get the day off but will you?

Thousands of Calderdale workers are expected to enjoy a four-day weekend to celebrate the Royal wedding.

A new survey has revealed that bosses in Yorkshire and the Humber are more likely to embrace the extra public holiday on Friday, April 29, than anywhere else in the country.

Seven out of 10 of the region’s employers plan to close their offices in honour of Prince William and Kate Middleton’s marriage, compared to only 55 per cent nationally.

Carol Geldard, Head of Commercial Development at Halifax insurance company Provident, said: “We’ll be giving all our employees the day off to celebrate the Royal wedding. We’re very much about community and want our staff to have the opportunity to celebrate with their family and friends.”

Smaller firms are also entering into the spirit of the holiday.

Dennis Rose, director of Denholt Industrial Fabrications, Ovenden, said he is likely to give his four workers the day off.

“I’ll ask them if they want it and I probably will give it to them,” he said.

The date, which falls the Friday before May Day, has been declared a bank holiday but businesses have no legal obligation to give staff the extra day off.

Figures from Close Invoice Finance’s latest Business Barometer reveal a north-south divide in attitudes towards the holiday, with businesses in the north of England more likely to honour it than their southern counterparts.

But over half of UK employers admitted feeling pressurised into giving staff the day off.

Ian Steward, northern managing director of Close Invoice Finance, said: “At the moment they are being forced to decide whether to give staff the holiday as a gesture of goodwill, and stand to lose a day’s work as a result, or run the risk of damaging morale by either opening as usual or taking the day out of workers’ holiday entitlement.

“Many simply can’t afford to let employees take any unnecessary leave.”

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