Yorkshire holidaymakers urged to be extra vigilant after increase in scams at major European airport

With the six week holidays fast approaching, families across Yorkshire will be jetting off to popular holiday spots.

However, bosses are Palma de Mallorca airport are warning British holidaymakers to be extra cautious this year after an increase in airport scams.

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To stop your summer jollies being spoiled by scammers, here are ten things to watch out for.

Airport security scam

Being stuck behind a slow mover in the security line may not just be a nuisance but something more sinister.

Apparently scammers are working in pairs to run off with your valuables as they sit in the tray on the conveyor belt waiting to be scanned.

One of the scammers will be covered head to toe in jewellery, keys and watches that they have conveniently forgotten to take off which means they have to keep going back and forth through the scanner.

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While you are patiently waiting behind them, another scammer has already gone through and made off with your belongings.

Stop this from happening by keeping your eyes peeling for any suspicious behaviour and making sure you have sight of your belongings at all times.

The suitcase distraction

Working in pairs again, one person will somehow lead you away from your suitcase so that the other can have a rummage and take off with your holiday money and passport.

Do not keep all your valuables in one place and always keep a photocopy of your passport somewhere safe – just in case.

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The baggage carousel bump

This one happens when you are waiting for your luggage and someone 'accidentally' bumps into you.

As you, in a typically British way, profusely apologise, the person takes off with your phone and wallet.

Always make sure your valuables are safely secured and keep a look out for anyone behaving oddly.

The WiFi scare

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There are constant online scam warnings to be aware off and now it turns out that simply connecting to an unsecure wifi can leave you vulnerable as well.

If you connect to an unsecured wifi in the airport then thieves can get access to your passwords and account details without you knowing.

Always ask airport officials if you are unsure which WiFi is the correct one and don't chance it by connecting to an unsecure one.

The suitcase helper.

This is when someone offers to help you with carrying your luggage but then refuses to give you it back unless you fork out a fortune.

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Only trust official airport porters with your luggage or carry it to the taxi yourself.

Airport pickpockets

Pickpocketing is rife at airports because they are so busy and people are distracted trying to get everything organised.

As you search for the exits or where to nip to the loo, pickpockets will pinch phones or wallets from your pockets.

Make sure that your things are safe by keeping things in fastened bags or in inside pockets and just in case, ensure that your travel insurance covers this.

Mobile phone scam

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In the airport, vendors may offer to rent you a mobile phone under the pretext that you would get your security deposit back when you return it.

However, they do not tell you about the huge call charges.

It is better to research phone companies before you set off on holiday to make sure you are not getting ripped off.

Bluetooth hackers

If the Bluetooth setting on your phone is switched to on, then airport hackers can pair with your device to steal information or install viruses.

Make sure the Bluetooth setting in your phone is switched off completely to stay safe.

The false greeter

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If you have a taxi meeting you at the airport, then be aware that there could be more than one person holding a sign with your name on it.

These scammers will trick you into paying a much higher rate and could even drive you part way but then demand a hefty fee to go any further.

Check the company ID or make a point of getting the driver's number for reassurance.

Broken taxi meter and scenic route

Two more taxi scams are when the driver says the meter is broken so they can charge you more than the standard tariff or when they decide to take you on the 'scenic route.'

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Make sure you book in advance with a good taxi firm and agree the price before you get in the car.

A spokeswoman for Palma de Mallorca airport said: “Of course, we are not trying to scare you and put you off travelling, as Palma de Mallorca is one of the safest airports in the world, and it’s unlikely you will be scammed.

"But saying that, when in a foreign country, it is always wise to have your wits about you and make sure that you are extra vigilant"

For more information, visit: www.palmaairport.info