Yorkshire Water miss targets

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YORKSHIRE Water has missed its leakage target for the second year running.

It was one of six water companies that failed to meet the targets.

Ofwat said: “Missing leakage targets is a serious failure.

“Where companies have consistently failed to manage leakage in the past, Ofwat has made them invest £195 million from their own pockets, putting the problem right.” Yorkshire Water said the challenging winter led to hundreds of bursts and a busy December and January for their engineers resulted in them missing their targets.

They say they have begun replacing, cleaning and relining water pipes across the region.

They have invested £39m to improve the 32,000km of pipes that carry our water supplies.

New technology will be used, including detailed information being passed to the control centre and they are looking at installing GPS technology so they can react faster to reports of leaks.

Yorkshire Water added: “Since last year, a huge amount of work and investment has gone into increasing the robustness of our pipes, with the positive news being that leakage on our network has already been significantly reduced.”

They said they were disappoined to have not met their target.

“We are also spending a significant amount of money replacing old water mains in areas that are prone to bursts, again helping to reduce further the amount of water escaping from the network,” their statement added.

They also wanted to reassure customers it has no plans to introduce water restrictions this summer, despite a dry few months.

Reservoir levels currently stand at 72 per cent of capacity.