You can be Lord of the Manor!

FANCY being Lord of the Manor of Greetland for less than £6,000?

Manorial Auctioneers is selling off the title from the Savile Estate trustees.

Spokesman Robert Smith has put a £5,750 price on the title, which is one of a group in family ownership dating back to the 11th century Norman Conquest.

He said the Doomesday Book recorded 14,318 such titles.

“They are usually sold to local people who like the idea of being Lord of the Manor,” said Mr Smith.

Titles sometimes have rights to mines and minerals on the land but chances of hitting it rich are rare.

Although Mr Smith recalled one lord receiving thousands of pounds for access rights leading to a housing development.

If bought by a man, the title would enable a wife to be called Lady, but if bought by a woman she would take the title Lord of the Manor.

The buyer should also expect to pay a few hundred pounds in legal fees.

The value of lordships can vary with the average currently around £7,000 which was the average in 1992. In 1998 the average was about £12,000.

Mr Smith said the Greetland title was a private treaty sale included in a new catalogue of titles.

He can be contacted on 0207 5821588.