You can’t park there, traffic warden tells kids’ bus driver

A traffic warden walked into a storm when he tried to stop a bus dropping off children outside their school.

He tried to move the bus away from Castle Hill Primary School in busy Halifax Road, Todmorden.

But the coach driver and a teacher, backed by parents, protested and it only took around two minutes to empty the bus.

While the warden was within his rights – the coach was parked on yellow zig-zags – he has been criticised for not using common sense.

Parents had congregated to collect dozens of seven-year-olds returning from a trip to the Yorkshire Sculpture Park. Head teacher Hannah Mulholland said the school would consult Calderdale Council as the situation could arise again.

“The children were off the bus in two minutes. For the health and safety of the children that was the safest place for them to get off,” she said.

“It should be about being flexible for the safety of the children and we were happy the driver parked there.

“If he had parked on the opposite side, the children would have had to cross a very busy road.

“We realise the traffic warden was doing his job but there has to be flexibility.”

Margaret Boulton, of B&S Coaches, Todmorden, praised her driver and said she would rather pay a parking ticket than put young children at risk.

“Our responsibility is for the children and we are not going to let them down by dropping them off and leaving them to walk.”

Derek Johnson was waiting for his grandchild and said it was over-zealous officialdom at the expense of commonsense.

“Commonsense has to prevail, especially when there are young children involved,” he said.

A spokesman for Calderdale Council said a lollipop employee was having to step into the road from behind the bus to aid the crossing of others.

“The safety of children is paramount. No vehicles including buses are permitted to park during the restricted times.

“The enforcement officer acted in the interests and safety of the children.”

Todmorden Accident Prevention Council has expressed concern about parking outside the school and has called for more enforcement.