You decide on parking charges, visitors told

Buy a coffee, get a discount:  Craig Dodson with Coun Dorothy Nash
Buy a coffee, get a discount: Craig Dodson with Coun Dorothy Nash

THE council wants visitors to help design a new scheme for charging motorists using Shibden Park.

In April, Calderdale Council imposed a £1 fee to park on weekdays and £2 at weekends.

But opposition led to the introduction of a 50 per cent discount for those who spend more than £2 on a cup of coffee, a boat or train ride.

When pay-and-display ticket machines are introduced early next year, a new charging structure will be needed, according to communities spokeswoman Pauline Nash.

She said: “I want to keep charges as low as possible and would be loathe to see a major increase when the machines are installed.

“That is why we want visitors to be involved in the consultation process,” said Coun Nash.

They can do so by contacting the council at

Visitors to Shibden can already buy a £10 monthly parking permit.

But Coun Nash (Lib-Dem, Skircoat) said the ticket machines would make it possible to have a wide range of charges so that people making a brief stay would not have to pay as much as those who remained all day.

Craig Dodson, manager of the park’s Coffee Culture cafe, said he hoped that whatever scheme was introduced there could still be a link with businesses in the park.