You're in the Army now! Civil War returns to Shibden Park

VISITORS to Shibden Park stepped back in time – and found themselves in the middle of the English Civil War.

Lieutenant Colonel John Lilburne's Regiment of Foote, from The Sealed Knot re-enactment society, transported the historic estate in Halifax back to the 17th century for a day.

Members in authentic period costume, marched, fired cannons and carried out musket and pike drills.

They also created a living history camp, with music, games and crafts from the era.

"Commanding officer" Tim Worrall said the group had been invited to help promote the estate's recent restoration.

Its 140 members came from across Yorkshire and Lancashire to put on the historical show.

Mr Worrall said: "I've been in the group for 20 years. I've always been interested in history.

"Currently our youngest member is eight months old.

"My daughter joined when she was just six weeks. It's a real family atmosphere."

The Sealed Knot is a charity which aims to promote an interest in and educate people about life and times during the English Civil War period.

The name of the society comes from a group who plotted for the restoration of the monarchy.

John Lilburne's is a Parliamentarian foot regiment, compromising of pike and shot units.