Youngsters warned about Neknominate

binge drinking
binge drinking

Youngsters across Calderdale are being warned of the serious dangers of the latest social media craze drinking game - “neknominate”.

In the global craze, taking Facebook by storm, online friends post videos of them “downing” alcoholic concoctions and nominate others to follow the trend. The lethal amounts of alcohol consumed has already cost the lives of five participants.

Last month, the Mirror reported a 10-year-old boy in Calderdale posted footage of himself drinking a mixture of Vodka, Nando’s sauce, cream and mayonnaise. The boy was taken to hospital.

Calderdale Council’s director of public health, Paul Butcher, said: “This is a worrying trend and I want to warn all parents and young people about the dangers of binge drinking.”

Katy Hetherington, Young Persons Development Manager at Lifeline Calderdales Branching Out, drug and alcohol charity, said: “As neknominate sweeps social networking it’s crucial we make sure our young people are safe.

“Binge drinking in this way is incredibly risky. When it is coupled with a ‘cocktail’ of other substances it is impossible to say what the outcome will be.”

Now, Calderdale’s Cabinet member for health Coun Simon Young (Lab, Sowerby Bridge) is now encouraging people to positively retaliate with RAKnominate - a Facebook campaign where users nominate one another to do Random Acts of Kindness within 24hours.

Councillor Young said: “This could be anything, from giving money to a local charity, volunteering or donating blood. It’s a much more positive act than taking part in a drinking game and it helps other people and makes you feel good about yourself.”

He said: “I know that it’s easy to feel pressure from friends to take part but it’s not worth taking the risk.”