Your donations really make a difference #MakeItStop


Your donations to the #MakeItStop Courier and Community Foundation appeal really make a difference to people in our community.

A Calderdale female elderly resident, who did not want to be named, lives with a lung condition. She received a winter fuel grant from the CFFC towards the cost of her electricity bills.

She said: “I was told by doctors to keep warm during the winter months or my health would deteriorate. I realised what hyperthermia was for the first time this year.

“In the last two winters the cold has hit me hard and I’ve had to go into hospital.

“Receiving the winter fuel funding gave me peace of mind, security and stopped my family from worrying about me as I live on my own. But most importantly it stopped me from having to go back into hospital - something we all want to avoid.”

To donate to the Community Foundation see or donate by sending a SMS message with ‘TEXT (amount) CFFC14 to 70070. All donations will be match funded by the foundation and gift aided.