Your last chance to put forward nominations for the Community Spirit Awards

Halifax Courier Community Spirit Awards 2014 at Berties at La Cachette, Elland.
Halifax Courier Community Spirit Awards 2014 at Berties at La Cachette, Elland.

It is your last chance to get your nominations in for this year’s Courier Community Spirit Awards.

The deadline is looming - but don’t worry, you have until this evening to shout about those individuals, charities or organisations you think make Calderdale great.

In partnership with the Community Foundation for Calderdale (CFFC), we want to champion those individuals, charities, businesses and voluntary organisations who work to make life better for the people of Calderdale.

The awards are open to everyone from high profile organisations to individual unsung heroes.

Make your nomination via email to

Include contact details for yourself and the person nominated and state the nominated category.

Please also include a detailed account of the attributes and achievements of the person or charity with reference to the category.


Charity of the Year - Sponsored by Riley & Co

This category recognises a charity that has consistently delivered outstanding service to its beneficiaries, promoted and raised its profile, been clear in its goals and strategies and demonstrated excellence all round.

Investment in the Community

Recognising “all-round” players, this category is open to individuals who have developed innovative ways of fundraising vital to a charity or cause.

Best New Charity

This award recognises a new charity, set up within the last year, which has made a positive impact on the lives of others since its creation.

Community Champion - Sponsored by Stone Dam

This category recognises champions of all ages, who have engaged, inspired and motivated people in support of a charitable organisation or cause.

Outstanding Individual Achievement - Sponsored by Harveys

This award recognises a person who has demonstrated dedication, professionalism and integrity throughout their career and is awarded to those who have had a profound impact in the voluntary sector in their role.

Foster Carer of the Year - Sponsored by Pennine Housing

This recognises foster carers who have welcomed some of society’s most vulnerable children into their homes.

Arts & Culture

This celebrates third sector excellence in visual arts. music, film, photography, writing, drama. dance and design.

Supporting Older People in Calderdale

This category aims to recognise and promote charities and organisations serving to care and support some of our most admired assets in the community.

We are keen to see nominations from groups who are tackling issues such as loneliness, dementia support, social isolation, helping to change attitudes and promote the needs of older people locally.

We are particularly keen to hear from groups who use a creative approach.

Great & Green

This award is open to individuals, schools, clubs or businesses who are doing their bit for the environment.

When making a nomination please consider the amount of time given to green work, the impact of the work done, their role in raising the profile of green issues and the diversity of green activities.

Social Enterprise

Recognising an organisation which addresses a social need or reinvests profit to achieve its social mission.

The winner will have achieved great impact and be able to demonstrate innovation, staff engagement, customer focus, growth, leadership and financial performance.

Community School - Sponsored by Suma

This category recognises schools or colleges effectively engaging with their wider community and local causes.

An ethos of considering and helping others is high on the school’s agenda.

Health & Wellbeing

This award is for charities and community organisations who have made the best contribution to improving health and wellbeing in Calderdale.

We are looking for dynamic, innovative and high impact organisations providing community-led, patient-led, preventative measures that are improving health in the long term and successfully tackling some of the biggest health problems in the district.