Your say on the price hike for bulky waste and fears of fly tipping

Liberal Democrat councillors Ashley Evans, James Baker (centre) and Amanda Parsons-Hulse have been campaigning against fly-tipping
Liberal Democrat councillors Ashley Evans, James Baker (centre) and Amanda Parsons-Hulse have been campaigning against fly-tipping

Residents in Calderdale have been having their say over the price hike of bulky waste and fears it could lead to more fly tipping.

Bulky waste price hike increases fly-tipping fears
Calderdale Liberal Democrats leader James Baker has said raising the price of a collection from £15 to £25 and limiting the number of objects collected to eight could prove counter-productive.

He was concerned that rather than pay the extra amount some people would be tempted to dispose of their rubbish clandestinely.

The bulky waste collection service retrieves items such as beds, mattresses, sofas and large electrical goods such as washing machines and microwaves.

But in the four years since the fee was last increased costs associated with bulky collections have continued to rise, says the council.

The limit of eight items has been introduced so crews can better plan their workload, reducing the need for items to be left outside for as long whilst waiting for a collection, says the council, which adds there are also plans to introduce a booked collection day service, making collections more convenient for residents.

Calderdale Council’s Cabinet member for Communities and Neighbourhood Services, Coun Susan Press (Lab, Todmorden), said the situation would be monitored and reviewed following introduction of the new charges, and service changes would benefit people.

This is how you have been reacting to the story on Facebook

Alice Rhea: "It’s a massive increase to be honest! You can get it cheaper privately. And yes I do absolutely think more people will fly tip now."

Lynn Marsden: "The only way to address fly tipping is to offer a free removal service and to slightly raise council tax to cover it."

Cheryl Bentley: "At £25 for 8 items I personally think fly tipping will definitely increase."

Michelle Smith: "It's ridiculous to put it up that much AND limit the amount what can be collected, this will for sure lead to more fly tipping as people will go for the cheap waste removal people with no waste licence."

Gloria Conway: "The price is not too bad, if you ask around your neighbours, it can be shared, and is therefore much more affordable. It is a hefty increase, though, and regrettably will lead to an increase in fly tipping."

Jon West: "The council needs to use more imagination with waste disposal. Promoting appliance repair workshops & offering council tax rebates/credits for those who recycle responsibly would be a good start."

Nancy Steele: "I think the Council need to have a hard look at the fly tipping situation. With closures to the Calderdale Council Tips some will only be open a few days a week! Rumour has it that all of the will be closed on the same day at least once a week!! How on Earth is this going to help matters with fly tipping. Between this and the increased cost of collections, be prepared Calderdale, it’s not good practice at all."

Cat Cain: "Don’t agree with fly-tipping but yes there will be lots more of it if they hike prices up."

Toni Breeze: "Price increase fair enough. But to limit to 8 items is a joke!! Fly tipping is only going to get worse now they have done this. They won't be saving money in long run due to clean ups!"