16,000 voters ignored

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I was very disappointed to read the article in Friday’s newspaper about the library as I am sure are many other readers.

It is strange that it was claimed only a small number of elderly residents wish to keep the library where it is. To quote the article, “In just two hours on Saturday morning, members of the “Don’t Bulldoze Our Library” campaign collected 1,435 names on a petition.” Moreover, again to quote the article, “in 2009, when 16,000 signatures were gathered over several weeks.” It would seem, therefore that whoever claimed only elderly residents wanted the library to stay in its present position really seems to think Calderdale has a vast number of retired people. I hope the council is budgetting for the care costs of this vast multitude! Having helped at the last petition it was sad how many people responded to me by saying they don’t think the council is really interested in the views of the people of Halifax or Calderdale and had already decided to demolish the library. Certainly the Mori poll did not give those few who had access to it a fair choice. They were asked whether they would like the library to stay and grass the council office area or move the library and use the entire site for shops. I fear the present plans will only result in fewer people attending the library. Perhaps the long term plan is to do just that in the hope that the library will be forced to close altogether. Whatever the Labour and Lib dems plans are I know that many of their voters feel that they no longer are interested in representing their views. The vote the council takes on this recommendation will certainly affect the next elections for councillors if they ignore 16,000 voters views.

Jennifer Garner