20mph limit - coming soon to a road near you . . .

Over the last few weeks, somebody has erected signs telling me that we are to be restricted to 20mph at the rear of my West Vale property.

I have no problem with this, since with all the irresponsible parking I don’t know how it would be possible to reach this speed.

I note that those who have erected the signs, must be avid cinema goers. I remember attending the Ritz in Elland and similar establishments and being excited by the films to be shown in subsequent weeks. “Coming soon” John Wayne in this or that film for instance.

Likewise on Victoria Street we have “Coming soon 20mph limit”. What I can’t understand is why the actual 20mph sign is not on the back of the “Coming soon” - so that when the new speed limit comes into force the sign is simply turned over to reveal the new limit?

Could it be that perhaps West Vale and Victoria Street in particular is to have a visit from the Queen, to celebrate her Diamond Jubilee and unveil the signs?

Bit of explanation would be interesting!

Peter Broadley