20mph zones - the new council money earner


I write regarding the latest scam Calderdale Council are running. I barely noticed the small article tucked away in the Courier.

A 20 mile an hour speed limit throughout the whole district is looming on the horizon.
To introduce such draconian measures must have been brought about by accident levels increasing at least ten fold? No? Of course they haven’t. The cynic in me also sees a windfall from fines on the horizon. I get even more cynical when I read that the proposed measures are described as “cost effective”. The unsuspecting, law-abiding, tax-paying motorists on their way to and from work are once again in the firing line, putting even more pressure on our cost of living. All this sold to us under the guise of improving road safety.
I was talking to a resident from Claremount Road on Friday who complained of another motorist tail gating him at a distance of about 1 metre in a large van on his way to work at 5:15am - a frightening experience he told me. And it would be for anybody. 
 Not only are these proposed measures designed to take money from our pockets but they are dangerous too. Accidents will increase as motorists become frustrated and impatient.
 Bottle necks will also worsen. Not to mention the impact on the environment when we are all forced to drive around in 1st and 2nd gear.
For once councillors should tell the truth. This is not about improving road safety but about generating income from an already heavily milked cash cow! They should know that we are not as stupid as they think we are.

Mr Philip Crossley

UKIP candidate