A clear case of double standards

Myrtle Drive


SO ONCE again our unscrupulous traffic vultures get it wrong (Courier, February 2, “Wardens park on double yellow lines”).

It seems that since Vinci took over the parking restrictions in Halifax everything has got worse, disabled ticketed for not showing photo on badge, etc, etc.

But council vans are allowed to park in George Square by wc, thus making buses drop passengers off in the middle of the road.

And now it seems the vultures can have and get away with double standards, book a motorist on double yellows, while themselves is doing exactly the same the Courier says.

Jenny Dixon said vultures cannot park on double yellows. Acting head of highways Dave Tees said they can? (Communication, simples.)

But don’t forget the above-mentioned and Vinci are still only foot soldiers under the command of General Debbie Calcott, so they must be in different platoons as Dave and Jenny get different orders from General Debbie.

When all is said and done double yellows mean no parking (disabled badge holders can when safe).

Vultures? never.

Steve Webster