A fantastic journey to make Rastrick better!

Field Lane estate, Rastrick . . . in need of improvement?
Field Lane estate, Rastrick . . . in need of improvement?
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At 10am a week last Wednesday my mobile sprang into life. It was the Courier. What was my reaction to the news that Rastrick had been awarded £1m through the Big Lottery Fund’s Big Local programme.

My immediate thought was why Rastrick? But as my mind absorbed this wonderful news I thought of the many long hours I have spent with others seeking funding for the various community projects I have been associated with.

Most of the time we got knockbacks. This time it’s a genuine prize. I was now finding out that the money will be coming over a ten year cycle.

What a fantastic journey to go on to make Rastrick into a better place to live.

Unlike other local government or national programmes Big Local genuinely puts local residents in the driving seat.

We decide what we want to do to improve our area and how we are going to do it – hopefully with the support of local organisations such as local charities, the council, police, businesses and other groups in the area – but ultimately it’s our shout.

We also receive support from a Big Local rep that helps guide and coach us.

We have at least 10 years to make our area an even better place to live so really we’re only at the beginning of our journey.

So come on fellow Rastrickians get involved in this once a lifetime opportunity.

Keep an eye on the Courier for more details or register your interest at email info@localtrust.org.uk

Adrian Hartshorn

Chair – Rastrick Community Hub

Field Top Road