A lesson to be learned?

Cock Hill Lane


Regarding your Editorial “Big step in good police PR”, March 18.

Please, please do not stop your investigation in to why it has turned out that Calderdale is to get a local Control Room service.

It was either right or it was wrong that centralising all calls in Wakefield was the best decision. But clearly the grounds for the operational decision on call centres was not based on the opinions of local residents. There were demonstrable and positive financial and efficiency reasons, at least that was what we were told, year after year when the contrary argument was put to Police Authority representatives.

Residents pointed out the obvious, that it was odd to argue that it was more effective to split the information handling system from the response system. That local knowledge was essential to the delivery of local policing. Yet the answer was always the same ‘efficiency through centralisation’ will bring the better result.

Until now! Well what has changed? Why cannot we, as the people who pay for this service, be given the reasoned details why the policy is to be over turned. Please, please do not give up on the investigation until you get a satisfactory answer. If it turns out that efficiency does not always equal effectiveness, then this is an important lesson to be learnt and should warrant a wider consideration than a soon to be abolished Police Authority.

Joe Mitchell