A lot my city could learn from Halifax

Having recently spent some time in Halifax, I sent a letter to my local paper in Derby to say how enjoyable the visit was, even in the weather conditions experienced at the time. I thought you may like to also print this letter in the Halifax Courier.

Further to the recent letters (in the Derby paper) concerning the problems in the city centre I wish to comment as follows:

Early in the New Year I spent a week with my partner’s relations in Halifax. The shopping centre, with its pedestrianised streets and magnificent Victorian buildings, was bustling with people with, to my notice, few vacant shops.

Particularly fine was the Victorian covered Market Hall, surely the equal in size to Derby’s. The difference was in the vibrancy within. Crowds of people and every stall occupied. I was informed that there is a waiting list in the event of a stall becoming empty.

I do not know if the problems in Derby are directly linked to the Westfield Shopping Centre but I can definitely recommend a visit to Halifax, if only to visit the Market Hall. However it would be silly not to take in the rest of the town.

B E Walton

Paxton Close