A lot of spin from council and developer

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Woodhall Crescent


I write in response to the letter “Copley Valley development could be good” (Courier, 4 February 2011).

I also attended the so called consultation by Genr8’s salesmen at Copley Primary School. Whilst I was there I heard quite a few people asking questions regarding the very real increased flood threat to Copley village, The massive increase in traffic for all the roads in Copley, Sowerby Bridge, Skircoat and Salterhebble and the threat to wildlife from the greatly reduced nature reserve and ensuing light pollution.

As the writer says Copley village is a short distance from the proposed large housing complex, hotel and industrial estate that is planned for the flood plain. What she seems to have overlooked is the River Calder that flows past the new build and the conservation area of Copley village. It is this water that will now be added to by the run off from the proposed concrete and tarmac roads and buildings that will cause the river to break its banks and flood homes in the village.

Perhaps the most telling sign of how mis-led Jean Bannister has been is that Genr8’s salesman appear to have told her a new GP surgery is planned. According to the surveys there is scope for a surgery or child care. At the moment this is not planned but, as in so much of the spin coming from both CMBC and the developer - aspirational.

If, as the writer of the original hopes, this scheme does go ahead future visitors may have real difficulty seeing the trees for the four and five storey buildings.

M Coughlan