A magical land but it needs looking after by everyone

At the front of my house there is the most magical land. It’s not a very big land, it has no permanent buildings but it is green with a couple of trees, concrete lamp-posts and the most testing of downhill race tracks.

At times I have witnessed the most violent battles, ranging from the first dinosaurs to Star Wars that seem to be resolved without too much bloodshed on either side.

The range of Olympic sports played in this land is phenomenal.

I have experienced the whole gamut of ball games where our present team managers would cringe at the fearsome tackles that ensue.

There’s not much horse racing but the motor sports are second to none. Bikes, roller blades, scooters, pedal cars, sledges, we have ‘em all. ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ does not have a patch on the Arts that are enacted on this magic stage; drama, street dancing, ballet, hip hop, gymnastics et al.

The land also has a wonderful bird paradise.

A neighbour shares her morning toast so we are treated to the most daring and spectacular flying displays.

We are a generous tribe in the street so we have bird feeders and water to thank the birds for this wonderful gift.

We are very fortunate here to have our daily ‘Crufts’ show too. There’s Rex and his lady, they are always quite business like and get on with the job very efficiently.

We have the puppy classes who always want to stop and have a good sniff at everything. Sometimes they can be a bit naughty wanting to play instead of getting on with the job in hand.

Then there is the dreamy old spaniel who takes his stick for walk.

We have the haughty ones who just know that they are the top of their class; then we have the good old family one who is out for a bit of fun and will pinch a ball if he can.

I should tell you that this magical fairy land is only inhabited by children who give me hours of pleasure watching them at play. My sorrow is that ‘Scotty’ dog when he comes to the land he always leaves a smelly mess behind.

I wonder if his owner’s grandchildren also play in this magic land.

Mrs Norma Willoughby

Green Lane