A not-so-pleasant outing for my son’s young family

Last weekend my son and daughter-in-law made their first outing after the birth of their new baby, along with their two year old, to Haworth.

Unfortunately they made the mistake of parking in the notorious car park made famous by the subject of a television documentary. Also Baroness Betty Boothroyd brought it to the attention of the House of Commons after she was clamped during a visit to Haworth. I can reveal that, despite the passage of time and various campaigns, nothing has changed. For, although my son had purchased a valid ticket, when he returned to the car he had been clamped. The owner demanded £90 on the spot for his release. Six other cars had also been clamped, leading my son to believe that an inferior brand of glue had been used on the tickets, making them fall off after a short time. The person in charge of the car park displayed a thoroughly nasty attitude to my family and showed no compassion for the fact they had a newborn baby and young child in tow and that £90 could be better spent on them. How dare he be so arrogant? How many honest people could hope to rake in £500 plus so easily in such a short time with so little effort in this time of recession?

C Debnam

Illingworth Close